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Lovin' Spoonful - Coffee Toffee Fudge

Lovin' Spoonful - Coffee Toffee Fudge

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The rich taste of coffee with toffee pieces microwaveable fudge in a reusable mini glass/Mason jar.  Would you like your own personal jar of fudge?  This jar comes with it's own spoon.  For that fresh hot fudge taste just microwave 10-30 seconds (without the lid!) stir and enjoy. It is also great to put on ice cream, cake, desserts, popcorn, just whatever you can imagine!  Approximately 8 oz. of fudge

If your interested, we can work with you to customize your order. We can include a corporate logo, specific colors in the wrapping, or something else.  Just contact us via email: and we'll be glad to discuss the options with you.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, milk, Butter (cream, salt), palm kernel oil, cocoa processed w/alkali, roasted coffee, hydrogenated vegetable oil, soy lecithin, cocoa butter, skim milk, milk fat, lactose, almonds, corn syrup, modified corn starch, gelatin, water, dextrose, natural & artificial flavors, coffee emulsion, vitamin D3, dipotassium phosphate, carrageenan, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, potassium sorbate


NOTE: Operating a facility using milk, soy, eggs, wheat, peanuts/tree nuts/shells.


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